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Rules and Regulations


Anna Davydova Dance School

General Matters

Students are to behave in a respectful manner to all teachers and fellow pupils.  Students are not to run or play around in the hall. 

They are expected to respect the rights and property of others, and to be obedient and courteous to their teacher at all times.

Correct uniform must be worn at all times. Please wear tights (white/pink), cross-over cardigans or a zip-up jumper in the winter months. 

Please label all dance shoes, dancewear and dance bags.

Any food that is bought from home will only be consumed during breaks between classes.  All rubbish must be placed in the dustbin and not left on the floor.  NO CHEWING GUM is to be brought into the academy. Ballet Barres are not to be climbed on or hanged on.

The changing room will be kept neat and tidy with all rubbish put into the provided dustbins.

Hair is to be worn in a bun for all pupils standard ballet and higher.  Hair is to be worn off of the face and neck for all other classes, ideally in a ponytail.

No Jewellery is to be worn at any time for health and safety reasons.

Arrival and Collection

Please make sure your child is brought to class on time. Being late disturbs the children who have already started the class.. Please also make sure your child is picked up on time. It's very difficult to get the next class started if children are still waiting to be collected 5 minutes after their class has finished. Students must wait inside the hall to be collected when the lesson has finished.  Please inform your child of this rule!!


Any pupils who are waiting in-between classes must bring something to occupy themselves

Viewing Classes

We do not allow parents in to watch dance classes at any time. From previous experience this has proved to be very distracting for your child, the participating children and the teacher. If your child is 5yrs old or under we ask you not to leave the building and wait in the waiting area in case your child needs you at any time. However open classes are organized at the end of every term.


If your child is to be collected by someone else other than yourself please inform the teacher.

No Jewellery or valuables to be brought to class any damage or loss is not the Schools responsibility.


Fees must be paid by second week of term or a 10% increase will be incurred. All Fees are payable in advance. Fees are non refundable. If a pupil decides to leave the school, 1 month's notice is required.

Payment must be made within the first two weeks of term or a £10 administration charge will be added.

Missed classes

If your child is sick and you miss a class, you can join another class instead. It does not necessarily have to be the same style. Fees will not be refunded.

Please contact Anna Davydova if you decide to withdraw your child from the school in order to give other children on the waiting list the opportunity to join.


Any accident your child may have during class will be dealt with accordingly and an accident form completed. You will be made aware of any accidents and we will ask you to sign the accident form.


All children must wear the correct uniform or appropriate dance clothes. No jeans or outdoor shoes allowed at any time.  Hair must be tied up for all classes and in a bun for Ballet.  All can be purchased from Anna Davydova.


Under NO circumstances will any form of harassment or bullying to any member of the school be tolerated.  This is taken very seriously and can result in dismissal.

Mobile Phones

Must be switched off during classes.


This is a non smoking school.   We do not leave any litter there are bins.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: Anna Davydova Dance School




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How do we use your personal information?

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A Polite Note to the Parents! Please be prompt to drop off and pick up your children! Thank you!


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